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Ways to Follow-Through with Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

Making a New Year’s resolutions is easy; sticking with it is the real challenge. Studies show that only 8 percent of people actually reach their goals. However, with the right game plan, you can achieve your resolutions. Here are some helpful tips on how to follow-through on your New Year’s Resolutions.

Create a Plan

Many people set resolutions that are too broad, for example, lose weight, stay fit & healthy, get organized, spend less & save more money, etc. Instead of saying you want to lose weight, say you want to lose X amount of pounds in X amount of time. To stay fit, I will work out for an hour each day and pack a healthy lunch Monday through Friday.

A good goal is something you can measure, achieve within the year and that is relevant to you. Your goal needs to be measurable otherwise there’s no way to know if you achieved it.

Surround Yourself with Support

The people you associate with can either help you or hold you back. That’s true for life in general and it’s especially true when you have new goals that you’re working on. You’re more likely to be successful in your resolution if you spend time with positive people who help you stay on track.

Avoid Pitfalls

There are going to be things that allure you into giving up on your goals and falling back into your previous routine. If you’re changing your eating habits, it could be fatty foods or alcohol. Trying to quit smoking? Cigarettes will be a huge temptation. If you’re focusing on eliminating debt, you could find yourself wanting to splurge on an expensive item.

Temptations will always be there, but do your best to remove them from your life. It’s much easier to stick to your plan when you make it hard to deviate.

Resilience is Key

Change is one of the most difficult things to do. When you’re use to a routine, it takes consistent effort to change it over the long haul. It’s important to realize that you might have the occasional lapse when you give in to temptation. Don’t beat yourself up about it or wallow in negativity. Instead, get back to your new routine and avoid letting one mistake drag you down.

Reward Yourself

When you have one goal that’s going to take you months to accomplish, it’s easy to lose focus. Set up smaller goals for yourself along the way to your ultimate goal. Rewarding yourself for small milestones can help you stay on track; just make sure the celebration doesn’t go against your resolution.

Embrace Your Future Self

Adjust your priorities by thinking about your future self. Consider what will make you happier in the future; this will help you stay disciplined and focused.

Achieving a New Year’s resolution is no small feat, it takes time and dedication. If you follow the strategies listed above, you’ll improve your life by accomplishing your resolutions every year.

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Indoor Activities to Keep Kids from Bouncing off the Walls

indoor activities

Is the cold weather keeping you cooped up? Have no fear, the cure for cabin fever is easier than you think. Indoor play can be as fun as you make it and a snowy day is a good excuse to use your imagination and try something new. Whether you enjoy getting crafty or you prefer something more physical–there’s a way to satisfy your inner boredom–no matter the size of your group. Here is a list of the best indoor winter activities for kids and families on Long Island.

Indoor Play Places

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

111 Rodeo Dr

Deer Park, NY 11717

(631) 392-2600

Sky Zone Trampoline Park is a place you will never stand still. Embrace your inner acrobat while freestyle jumping in the trampoline courts. Slam dunk like your favorite NBA basketball player inside the Sky Slam. Enter the ultimate dogeball championship with your friends. Show off your gymnastic skills flipping into a foam block pit. Whatever you decide, you will enjoy wall-to wall aerial action at Sky Zone Trampoline Park.


Air Trampoline Sports

1850 Lakeland Ave

Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Air Trampoline Sports has something for everyone including aerobics, dodgeball and basketball. They has over 16,000 square feet including a foam pit, 3 dodgeball courts and 2 basketball slam dunk lanes, for hours of endless fun.


Kangaroo Kids Inflatable Party Center

1015 Grand Blvd

Deer Park, NY 11729

(631) 871-8762

Kangaroo Kids is a great place to bring kids if they have lots of energy to burn off. Live it up in an entertainment room filled with tunnels, slides and a bouncing room. Channel your competitive spirit with complimentary basketball shooting, foosball and air hockey.


Fun Station USA

40 Rocklyn Ave

Lynbrook, NY 11563

(516) 599-7757
Fun Station USA is a place filled with a plethora of indoor fun including video games, laser tag, bumper cars, flight stimulators, roller coaster stimulators, a play maze and much more. This is great place if you can’t decide on just one indoor activity or if your kid usually gets bored after doing one thing.


Fun 4 All

200 Wilson St

Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776

(631) 331-9000

Fun 4 All is a great indoor play place for the entire family. Families can explore different worlds through giant inflatable’s, creative and scientific displays and interactive games as well as slides, bouncers and game machines. There is also a climate-controlled all-age mega playground that has swirling slides, a 5-tier trampoline, tree house, tunnels, bouncers, and much more. Fun 4 All, is a great place to families to spend time together and play.


Safari Adventure

1074 Pulaski St

Riverhead, NY 11901

(631) 727-4386

Safari Adventure is known for being one of the cleanest children’s play centers on Long Island. This four-level play area is filled with enormous bouncers and over 30 videos games. There is also a sensory calming spa which is great for hyperactive kids, children with anxiety or anyone looking to relax. Kilimanjaro, an African themed structure, is the softest play unit on the island. There are also cargo nets, tunnels and other fun obstacles to tackle at Safari Adventure.


The Sandbox Playspace

51 Gibson Ave,

Huntington, NY 11743

(631) 421-1600

The Sandbox believes play is the soul of childhood. The Sandbox Playspace is a great place to gather, play and connect. The play area has handcrafted toys made of natural materials such as wool, silk and wood. The Sandbox is perfect for young children, 5 years and younger.


Laser Bounce

2710 Hempstead Turnpike

Levittown, NY, 11756


Laser Bounce is an interactive play arena for kids. Enjoying bounce houses, obstacle courses, laser tag and a ball pit and games all under one roof.



151 Voice Rd

Carle Place, NY 11514

(516) 877-7200

Qzar is known for being “the game that runs on adrenaline not batteries.” Enjoy an intense workout while listening to upbeat music while testing your laser skills in a 4,000 square foot battlefield. This game requires skill and strategy, just like a video game.


Long Island Children’s Museum

11 Davis Ave

Garden City, NY 11530

(516) 224-5800

Did you know that playing promotes healthy childhood development? Activities and programs at Long Island Children’s Museum help children master skills and discover new passions. Programs are available for children from pre-school to high school that teach how to craft, cook and dance.


Children’s Museum of the East End

376 Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Turnpike

Bridgehampton, NY 11932

(631) 537-8250

The Children’s Museum of the East End was started by 7 mothers who want to provide more educational opportunities for children on the East End of Long Island. The museum has educational exhibits and programs as well as other art and community workshops that foster learning and spark imagination.


Cooking Classes

Celebrations In the Kitchen

63 E Old Country Rd

Hicksville, NY 11801

Cooking is an important life skill; it also teaches kids basic math skills through measuring and sequencing. With shows like “Chopped Junior”, “Kids Baking Championship” and “MasterChef Junior”, more kids are becoming interested in cooking and baking. Celebrations in the Kitchen, offers cooking, baking, and decorating classes for kids and adults. They are also allergy-friendly and can provide nut-free, dairy-free and egg-free parties.


Kitchen Time’s Party Place

691 Broadway

Massapequa, NY 11758  

(516) 795-4980

Kitchen Time’s Party Place has been in operation over 30 years. They offer cooking parties for children, adult cooking classes and other special activities. They provide 2 hours of fun and instruction for all ages. Kids will love their Frozen themed baking parties and events.

Roller Skating

Hot Skates

14 Merrick Rd

Lynbrook, NY 11563

Hot Skates is a Long Island landmark since 1980. Enjoy gliding across the maple wood skating surface, while listening to music on a state-of-the-art sound system. They also have a professional grade video system, making it a great place to watch sporting events while skating.

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How to Join a Gym without Getting Ripped Off

How to Join a Gym without Getting Ripped Off

There are essential things to consider before joining a gym. Avoid contract disputes, billing concerns and other mishaps with the helpful tips below.

Search for Reviews

Avoid slick sales tactics by reading customer reviews online before visiting a gym. Be careful, some user reviews are paid for by the gyms themselves. When in doubt, ask a trusted source, (your friends and family) for a good gym referral. They’re the ones who care about your well-being and will give you honest feedback.

Tour the Gym

Don’t rely on the photos you see on gym websites, they might not accurately portray what the gym really looks like. Allocate a few hours to visit the gym and see what the amenities actually look like.

Try Before You Buy

The best way you can decide whether the gym is really for you is to just try it out. Some gyms offer a complimentary free trial membership. This will give you time to decide whether the equipment in the gym is suitable for your needs.

Check the Trainers

Check to see that the personal trainers and fitness instructors are certified. These certifications may be doctored and fabricated, verify the authenticity of the records. Search a licensing organization’s website to validate credentials.

Know about Contract vs. Month to Month

Some gyms offer a monthly and a yearly contract. Clarify the details of the contract and ask for an explanation if it’s too vague.

Negotiate a Good Deal

Negotiate a better rate with the gym owner and you could leverage a lower yearly price. Read your gym agreement carefully before you sign and make sure all the information on your contract is valid.

Things to Consider before Signing up for a Membership


Find out if auto-renewal is part of your membership offer, sometimes there is a fee for that. See if the auto-renewal can easily be canceled and if you’d have to pay for it. Clarify the terms for cancelling a gym membership, to prevent any unpleasant surprises.


Find out up front what actions need to be taken, if the gym goes bankrupt or shuts down. Will they return your money? Will they refund the membership cost?


Even if you have health insurance, your insurance policy may not be able to cover you if an injury is not in accordance with the gym terms stipulated in the contract. Find out what actions should be taken in case you experience injury and cannot use the gym. Ask if there is an extra cost if you freeze or cancel your membership.

Rate Changes

Find out if a gym can increase prices while you’re under contract. You could get a rate increase next year without your consent, be sure to clarify this before signing up.

Don’t be mislead by a slick salesperson when you’re signing up for a new gym membership. Follow the helpful tips above to find a deal that fulfills all your financial and fitness needs.

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How to Host a MVP Worthy “Big Game” Party

Big Game

Hosting friends and family for the Big Game may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips and tricks that make throwing a Big Game party feel like a breeze.

Plan Ahead

Preparing in advance will help the game day go smoothly so you can enjoy yourself. First, make a guest list so you know how many people to cook for and to ensure adequate seating. Send out email or text invitations and include an RSVP date so that you know exactly how many people are coming. If you are sending paper invitations, be sure to allot enough time for mail delivery.

Finger Foods on a Budget

A food menu can make or break a party. Great food doesn’t have to cost a fortune, though. Finger foods work best for a big game party, since most of the eating and drinking will be done in front of the television.

Drink Up

Aside from the traditional beer and wine; it’s also nice to create a signature mixed drink for your party. This will definitely stand out to your guests and is a great conversation starter for people that don’t know each other. Create a drink table with your signature cocktail featured in the center. Serve it up in fun plastic cups to minimize cleanup and avoid any broken glasses. Fill large buckets with ice to keep other drinks cold. Be sure to offer soda and water for party-goers who don’t drink alcohol. You can also place some ice-filled coolers underneath the drink table to free up space in the fridge.

Keep it Fun

To keep the fun going during commercials and half-time, plan some exciting games for your guests. If it’s an adult-only party, beer pong is always a hit. There are other drinking games you can play as well, such as Flip Cup, Never Have I Ever, Quarters, and Jenga.

Set the Scene

Creating a warm and inviting home for your guests is key to getting them to feel comfortable right away. Clean the day before, so the day of the party can be for cooking and setting up. Set up additional seating, if necessary throughout your living and dining area so that guests can be relaxed. Be sure that your television is large enough for all guests to see, since the game is the focal point of the party. Unless you want all of your guests to remove their shoes before entering your home, consider placing area rugs over your floors and carpets to protect them from any damage. Decorate with football-themed banners and tablecloths to tie into the game day theme. Use paper plates and plastic cutlery to minimize cleanup so that you can enjoy the party.

Remember to have fun with your guests. Preparing as much as possible in advance will allow you to enjoy the game along with your guests. Remember, a relaxed host leads to more comfortable guests and a memorable party.

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How to Achieve your New Year’s Fitness Goals

During the holidays, people tend to overeat and aren’t as active, in result they gain weight. However, if you are looking to set and achieve some New Year’s fitness goals, here are some strategies to increase your chance of success.

Set Realistic Goals

Goals need to be as specific and measurable for them to be achieved. Track your goals by writing them down. Do not set goals that are impossible to accomplish, aim for a short term, achievable goal.

Buddy Up

A reliable exercise partner can provide you with companionship and support. They can motivate you to stick to your commitment, even when you don’t feel like working out. Remember there’s strength in numbers!

Get a Personal Trainer

Even if you consider yourself knowledgeable when it comes to working out, personal trainers create a workout plan tailored just for you that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Trainers know how to properly progress and change up your workout so you don’t plateau and continue to see results. They will also assess your progress by monitoring your weight, body measurements, BMI and body fat percentages.

Eliminate Temptation

Time to ditch the junk food and reboot your diet. Before starting your fitness journey, eliminate all unhealthy foods from your kitchen. Next, stock up on healthy alternatives; this will help you from falling back into bad habits. You will feel good when you take charge of your diet and overcome your cravings.

Plan Healthy Meals in Advance

Stocking your fridge with healthy meals will save you time and unneeded calories. This will reduce the temptation of ordering takeout or going out to eat. Plan a night for shopping and prepping, this will help ensure your diet doesn’t go off track.

Track Your Progress

Keep a record of your fitness achievements, positive results will help motivate you. A food log or nutrition tracking app can count calories and monitor your diet. Some scales can track weight, body fat percentages and BMI. Strength, speed and endurance can also be measured and assessed.

Remember No Pain, No Gain

Working out is bound to leave you feeling sore. However, do not allow laziness to creep in because you are sore from training. Even if you feel pain, you can still do some exercise. For example, you can opt for yoga instead of plyometrics or take a leisurely walk instead of a mountain hike.

Celebrate Small Milestones

Exercise should not be a punishment; reward yourself with something that doesn’t contradict your goals. Buy yourself a new dress or reward yourself with a good pair of training shoes.

Be Persistent

Even if you don’t see results right away, remember sometimes it takes time to see results. Remember, it usually takes 3 weeks to form a habit and six months to make an activity part of your lifestyle. Meet all of your New Year’s Fitness goals with these tips and you’ll be on your way to a happier, healthier self in no time.

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Where to U-Pick Christmas Trees on Long Island

Christmas Trees

Have an old fashion family Christmas and cut down you own tree just like the Griswold’s did in Christmas Vacation. Gather the family, bundle up and get ready for a U-Pick Christmas Tree outing that they will remember for years to come. Nothing can beat the smell of a real Christmas tree and it’s also environmentally-friendly and recyclable. Supporting community tree farmers also benefits the local economy.

Dart’s Christmas Tree Farm

2355 Main Bayview Road

Southold, NY, 11791

(631) 765-4148

Dates: Starting the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve

Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm/ Weekends 12-4pm

Tree Varieties: Pre-cut Fraser fir & Concolor fir


Dart’s is a three generation owned tree farm located on the North Fork on the Eastern end of Long Island. Walk through the Magic Forest and pick out the Christmas tree of your dreams, they will even cut it down for you.


Tilden Lane Farm

48 Wyckoff Street

Greenlawn, NY 11740

(631) 261-6392

Dates: Saturday November 25- Sunday November 26 Saturday December 2 – Sunday December 3 Saturday December 9 – Sunday December 10

Hours: 9 am – 3 pm

Tree Varieties: Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir, Balsam Fir, Concolor Fir, Canaan Fir, Blue Spruce, White Spruce, White Pine, Scotch Pine, Austrian Pine, Serbian Spruce, Nordmann Fir, Grand Fir and Norway Spruce.

Pet Friendly: Leashed dogs are welcomed


Tilden Lane Farms is a member of the Christmas Tree Farmers Association of New York. Tilden Lane is family-owned and operated Christmas tree farm since 1793. They offer pre-cut trees as well and u-pick trees.


Santa’s Christmas Tree Farm

30105 Main Street

Cutchogue, NY11935

(631) 734-8641

Dates & Times: 7 days a week 9am-6pm

Types of Trees: Douglas Fir, Concolor Fir, Blue Spruce.

Pet Friendly: Leashed dogs are welcome


Santa’s Christmas Tree Farm is a great place for family outings, school trips, and Boy and Girl Scout trips. They have a tree shaker, provide free saws, and trim the bottom branches off the tree if needed. You have a large selection of trees to choose from, there are 45K trees that grow on the farm.


Shamrock Christmas Tree Farm

20685 Main Road

Mattituck, NY, 11952

(631) 298-4619

Dates: Opening on Black Friday (November 25th) through Christmas Eve (December 24th) 7 days a week

Hours: 9am -5 pm

Tree Varieties: Douglas Fir Trees, Fraser Fir, Spruce Trees, Balled trees and Charlie Brown Trees

Pet Policy: No pets allowed


Shamrock Christmas Tree Farm is family owned and operated since 1987. Shamrock grows some of the most beautiful trees on over 20 acres of land.


Matt and Mike’s Christmas Tree Farm

323 Weeks Ave

Manorville NY, 11949

(631) 874-3551

Dates: Open every day except Tuesday, starting the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.

Hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Tree Varieties: Norway Spruce, Blue Spruce, White Spruce, Serbian Spruce, Balsam Fir, Concolor Fir, etc.

Pet Friendly: Leashed dogs welcome


Matt and Mike’s Christmas Tree Farm provides you all the tools you need to cut down your Christmas tree including, bow saws, a trailer ride back and forth, netting, loading and tying assistance and even candy canes for the kids. They also have live trees in pots, burlap balls or you can have a tree dug from the field.


Lewin Farm

812 Sound Avenue

Wading River, NY, 11792

(631) 929-4327

Dates: Dates are approximate, please call to confirm

Hours: 9am-4pm (arrive by 3pm to have enough time)

Tree Varieties: Douglas Fir, Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce and White Pine


The Baiting Hollow Nursery at Lewin Farms is a great place to find a Christmas tree. They provide tractor rides out to the field and back, rent saws for $5, wrap the trees and help customers tie them onto their car.


Zuhoski Farm

11825 Oregon Road

Cutchogue, NY, 11935

(The Northwest corner of Bridge Lane & Route 48, Cutchogue, New York 11935)

(631) 734-5036

Date & Time: Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00am to dusk

Tree Varieties: Fraser and Douglas Fir


Zuhoski Farms has been around since the early 1900’s. During the holiday season, you can cut your own Christmas trees and buy wreaths, white pine roping, kissing balls, grave blankets and more.

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Hot Chocolate – The Top 5 LI Spots to Get a Steaming Mug

hot chocolate

Nothing quite hits the spot like a steaming mug of hot cocoa on a cold winter day. Here are some local spots where you can get you cocoa fix during the snowy season.

The Witches Brew –Vegan Hot Chocolate

311 Hempstead Turnpike

West Hempstead, NY 11552


The Witches Brew is known for its gothic ambience and large selection of teas and coffees. But its unique draw is the extensive vegetarian and vegan menu. One highlight off this menu is the vegan hot chocolate. This dairy-free delight is a great way to enjoy a chocolatey cup of cocoa without any milk.


The Cup CoffeehouseFrozen Hot Chocolate

3268 Railroad Avenue

Wantagh, NY 11793


The Cup is often compared to a 1970s Brooklyn style coffee shop, a place for people to talk, face to face, over mugs of coffee. They serve an assortment of hot beverages, but if you’re craving a cool treat, try the frozen hot chocolate. The frozen hot chocolate comes in a variety of flavors including chocolate, vanilla, cherry, raspberry, mocha mint and white chocolate. If you prefer your chocolate with a chill, put on your mittens and get your frozen fix.


Clipper Ship Tea Company– Chocolate Truffle Tea

180 Main St

Northport, NY 11768

(631) 651-2764

If coffee and hot chocolate aren’t your thing, try a chocolate tea. The best selling chocolate teas at The Clipper Ship Tea Company include the Chocolate Truffle and Chocolate Pu’er. If you are looking to avoid caffeine, the chocolate truffle is a decaf Ceylon black tea with chocolate and cacao nibs. Chocolate Pu’er is highly caffeine aged pu’er tea with chocolate and cacao nibs. These teas are great with a little bit of sugar or a splash of your favorite dairy or non dairy milk.


Caffe PortofinoCampfire Cocoa

249 Main Street

Northport, NY 11768

(631) 262-7656

Caffe Portofino is eclectic spot where all the locals’ go. They display local art on the walls and host poetry and trivia nights. They have a variety of hot chocolate flavors, but all the regulars know it’s all about the campfire cocoa. This cup of cocoa is made with callebaut, the finest Belgian milk-chocolate and milk. It’s topped off with marshmallow fluff, whipped cream, graham cracker crumbles and drizzled with chocolate syrup. If you ever dreamed of drinking liquid s’mores, this is your chance.


South Shore Dive– DIY spiked hot chocolate bar

65 Main St

West Sayville, NY 11796


If you’re looking for an adult-friendly hot chocolate with a kick, check out the DIY spiked hot chocolate bar at the South Shore Dive in Sayville. Some of the types of shots that you can get with your hot cocoa include: rum with fresh lime, whiskey and cherry liqueur, Mezcal and orange peel, peppermint schnapps and Godiva chocolate liqueur. There is an assembly line of toppings including flavored syrups, candies, marshmallows, coconut flakes and whipped cream. Enjoy this winter favorite with an adult twist. Mark your calendar, the hot cocoa bar kicks off on December 1st!

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Fun Things to do with your Pets during the Holidays

pets & holidays

Santa Claus is coming to town! Children aren’t the only ones are taking posed photos with Santa anymore, fur babies and other domestic pets are welcome now too. Bring your pets to take some festive photos with St. Nick. Capture magical moments with keepsake photos and make memories that will last a lifetime. This holiday season; engage your pets in fun seasonal activities and traditions such as taking photos with Santa and bringing them to an ugly sweater party for pets and owners.

Paws & Claus (domestic pets only)

Broadway Commons

358 N Broadway

Hicksville, NY 11801

(516) 939-0679

Time: 7-9pm

Dates: November 21, 28 and December 5, 12, 19.

Time for Paws and Claus! Pets get an exclusive photo session with Santa at the Broadway Commons. Get ready for Christmas card photos, dress up your pet in a Christmas outfit or show off a shiny winter coat.


Pet Photos With Santa

Walt Whitman Shops

160 Walt Whitman Rd

Huntington Station, NY 11746

(Santa is in Center Court)

(631) 271-1746

Times: 7-9pm

Dates: Sunday, November 12 and December 10

Sit, stay and pose for pet photos with Santa. Bring your furry friends and pose with Santa in Center Court of the Walt Whitman Shops.


STAR Foundation Annual Fundraiser


295 NY-25A

Mt Sinai, NY 11766

Date: Saturday, December 2nd

Time: 11am to 3pm

Price: $10.00 for one beautiful color photo with a frame.

Additional copies (same pose/no frame) $5.00 each.

If you use own camera, there is $7.00 sitting fee (no portrait given.)

Capture the magic of season with a beautiful color photograph; bring your pet for a posed picture with Santa Claus. Pets will receive a special treat after visiting with Santa. All proceeds benefit the Save The Animals Rescue Foundation. STAR rescues and provides rehabilitation services for injured and orphaned Long Island animals and releases them back into their natural habitat.


Harbor Pets Ugly Sweater Holiday Party

Harbor Pets

120 Main St

Greenport, NY 11944


Time: 5-8 pm

Date: December 16th

National Ugly Sweater Day is December 16th. Cats, dogs and other domestic pets can join the party now too at Harbor Pets Ugly Sweater Holiday Party. Join other felines and canines and pet owners for great photo ops, an ugly sweater contest and refreshments.


Petco Photos with Santa (Digital Photo Experience)

Location: At your local Petco or Unleashed by Petco stores

(Call your local store for more details)

Dates & Times: Saturday, December 2nd (1–4 pm)

Saturday, December 9th (1-4pm)

Saturday, December 16th (1–4 pm)

Cost: $9.95 donation

Bring your pets to take a photo with Santa while helping homeless animals in need. Petco is partnering with Santa’s Helpers for a digital photo experience. 100% of donations go to homeless animals through the All for Holiday Homes fundraiser. If you are looking for a holiday gift for an animal loving friend or family member, purchase the 2018 Petco Foundation calendar and coupon book for only $15. All proceeds help animals find good homes.

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The Best Holiday Shows Based on Christmas Movies

Holiday Shows

Did you know that some of the best holiday and Christmas movies are also plays and musicals?  The best part is you don’t have to travel all the way into NYC to see these plays; they are located right on Long Island. Make the holidays magical and memorable; plan a family outing to one of these holiday shows.

A Christmas Story

Dates: December 15, 2017 – December 27, 2017

Location: Patchogue Theatre

71 E Main St, Patchogue, NY 11772

Price: From $29-89 & Student Rush: $35 (1 hr before show with student ID)


A Christmas Story, The Musical depicts the timeless holiday favorite where Ralphie tries to convince his parents that they should buy him a Red Ryder B.B for Christmas. Enjoy iconic scenes like Flick getting his tongue stuck to the flagpole, the leg lamp in the window and the pink bunny suit. Get your tickets now, I triple-dog-dare you!



Location: John W. Engeman Theater

250 Main Street

Northport, NY 11768

Dates: November 18 – December 31, 2017


Frosty the Snowman is not just a beloved holiday song and childhood cartoon, it’s also a play. Frosty tries to save the town of Chillsville when Ethel Pierpot’s evil machine starts melting all the snow. Will Frosty make it back to the North Pole? Head over the hills of snow in Northport and see this timeless classic.


A Charlie Brown Christmas Live

Location: Madison Theatre at Molloy College

1000 Hempstead Avenue

Rockville Centre, NY 11570

Public Square Lobby

Dates: December 28 – December 30, 2017


Price: $45-$95

The animated special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, aired over 50 years ago on television. Watch this story come to life in a stage adaptation featuring your favorite Peanut characters and classic score by Vince Guaraldi. Join Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang as they uncover the true meaning of Christmas.


Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Location: Tilles Center

720 Northern Boulevard Brookville, NY 11548-1300

Date: November 26, 2017 (Family workshop 1pm, Show starts 2pm)


Tilles Your Way: (Buy 3 or more) prices: $53, $44, $35 (Prices reflect a 10% subscription discount and include a $3 facility fee)

Prices: Regular prices: $58, $48, $38 (prices include a $3 facility fee)

Do you recall the most famous reindeer of all? That’s right, Rudolf! The 1964 animated television special is soaring off the screen and hitting the stage. Join Rudolf, Hermey the Elf, Yukon Cornelius and the Abominable Snow Monster as they help Santa save Christmas.


It’s A Wonderful Life

Location: Suffolk Theater

118 E Main Street

Riverhead, NY 11901

Date & Time: Sunday December 17, 2017 at 6:00PM  (Bar & Restaurant open at 4:30 Show at 6pm)

Price: $15, $20, $30 (Ticket options for this event includes row seating and cabaret seating)


The 1946 film, A Wonderful Life, is based on the short story, The Greatest Gift. After George Bailey wishes he was never been born, an angel is sent to earth to show him how many lives he impacted and how life would be different if he was never born. Watch A Wonderful Life performed live in the style of an old time radio show at Suffolk Theater’s state of the art marquee.

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Breakfast, Brunch and Dinner with Santa Claus

Selfies with Santa

Year after year you leave plate out of cookies and a glass of milk for Santa and go to sleep. What is you had the opportunity to actually dine with Santa and have breakfast, brunch or even dinner with him? Share this beloved holiday tradition with your kids and plan a festive day the entire family can enjoy.

Brunch with Santa

Window on the Lake

235 Lake Shore Rd

Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Date & Time: Sunday, December 17th (Seating starts at 10:30am)

Reservations are a must. 2 hour session 10am-3pm. Call 631-737-0088.

Cost: Adults $44.95

Children 3-12 years old $19.95

Enjoy an elaborate buffet brunch with Santa including a Belgian waffles, a carving station, omelets, pastas, hot buffet, cold dishes, soft serve ice cream sundae bar, desserts, etc. Drinks include unlimited soda, juice, coffee and tea.


Brunch with Santa

Lombardi’s On the Bay

600 S Ocean Ave

Patchogue, NY 11772

Date & Time: Saturday, December 16th (Seatings at 11am and 11:15pm)

Cost: Adults $36+ tax

Children 3-10 $18+ tax

Children under 3, no charge

Call 631- 654-8970 for reservations.

Nothing compares to a delicious breakfast on the bay with Santa. Load up on omelets, cold antipasto, salads, bread, carving station meats, pasta, dessert, unlimited soda, etc.


Brunch with Santa

Giorgios Baiting Hollow

224 Smithtown Blvd

Nesconset, NY 11767

Dates: December 10th & 17th

Cost: Adults $38.95

Kids 4-12 years old $21.95

​To make a reservation, call 631 727-6076 to reserve a spot.

​Enjoy an award winning buffet brunch at Giorgio’s in Baiting Hollow. Brunch includes a plethora of items: omelets, French toast, pancakes, Italian cookies and pastries, a chocolate fountain, ice cream bar, carving station and much more. Santa will be handing out treats and taking pictures with all the kids.


Santa Brunch

Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center

431 E Main St

Riverhead, NY 11901

Date &Time: December 10th 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Seatings: 10am, 12pm, 2pm.

Cost: Children 3-12: $24.95 (Members – $22.95) Adults: $49.95 (Members – $42.95) Children 2 & under are free.

Celebrate the holidays at the annual Santa Brunch at the Long Island Aquarium. A buffet brunch will be served in the Sea Star Ballroom. At the brunch, kids will make a special holiday keepsake to bring home. After brunch, walk around and explore the sea life in the aquarium. Make sure to bring your camera to capture photos with Santa and your favorite exhibits.


Breakfast with Santa and Friends

United Skates of America Roller Skating Center

1276 Hicksville Rd

Seaford, NY 11783


Date: Sunday December 17th

Time: 9:30am-11:00am 

Cost: $20 per adult

$15 per child

Children 2 and under are free

(This is a non skating event)

This event will sell out. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

Come down to United Skates of America, Mrs. Claus is whipping up a delicious buffet breakfast including scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, bagels, fruit punch, coffee and tea. Santa, Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer all will be there!


Brunch with Santa

The Crescent Beach Club

333 Bayville Ave

Bayville, NY 11709

Cost: $40 plus tax for Adults

$20 plus tax for Children

Reservations required. Call 516-628-3000

Brunch is always better at the beach! Enjoy a Sunday Brunch with all the holiday trimmings, including a free picture with Santa Clause himself. There will be face painting for children and mimosa’s or Bloody Mary’s for the adults.


Dinner with Santa/Brunch with Santa

Black Forest Brew Haus

2015 New Hwy

Farmingdale, NY 11735

Reservations are required. Call 631-391-9500 to reserve a table.

Dinner with Santa: December 9th & 16th 5pm to 7pm

Cost: Adults $ 55.95

Kids under 10 $25.95

Kids under 4 $15.95

Brunch with Santa: December 3rd, 10th & 17th. Seatings at 10am 12 noon and 2pm.

Cost: Adults $33.95 per adult

Kids under 10 $20.95

Kids under 4 $9.95

Join Santa for his two favorite meals, dinner and brunch. Pick your favorite session and enjoy a German inspired meal with Der Weihnachtsmann (Santa Claus.)