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Local to Locals

Local to Locals, is a movement that promotes products that are produced and sold by locally and independently owned manufacturers. This concept was founded by Andrew Preston. His mission is to create brand awareness for local products and form a community of small busineses that network and support each other.

The Local to Locals logo indicates that the product is manufactured, retailed or sold by local independent small businesses within the state. This movement bands together local independent stores and breweries.

Local to Locals

The first 7 breweries to collaborate and believe in the Local to Locals movement and concept include Barrier Brewing Co., Spider Bite Beer Co., Sand City Brewing Co., Great South Bay Brewery, Greenport Harbor Brewing Company, Destination Unknown Beer Company, and Oyster Bay Brewing Company. The first Local to Locals beer collaboration is a New England Style Double IPA. This beer has an 8% abv and is juicy, hazy and bursting with citrus flavor. “That’s the sexy beer out there right now, the hottest beer on the market is a New England style IPA,” said Bobby Carlo from Barrier Brewing.Local to Locals

Local retailers across Long Island are supporting these local companies and the distribution for this intitiative “We’re excited to launch this in 50 plus retailers across Long Island, next week starting May 7th,” said Preston.

Local to Locals

Want to know where you can find the New England Style Double IPA or if you’re a local manufacturer or retailer who wants more information about Local to Locals go to

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LI Brewers Shine at TAP New York

TAP New York

Tap New York Craft Beer and Food Festival is New York’s largest craft beer festival and the largest single craft beer festival in the nation. Besides being a festival, TAP is also a beer tasting competition. Three cups were presented (The Matthew Vassar Brewers’ Cup, F.X. Matt Memorial Cup and Governors’ Cup) and medals for gold, silver and bronze were awarded for each style of beer.

Several Long Island craft beer enthusiasts took the Tapped bus from Long Island up to Hunter Mountain. Tapped Enterprises is a fun, safe and easy way to travel to beer festivals and breweries. Bus goers were greeted with a bagel breakfast when they walked onto the bus and were offered a smorgasbord of cheese, nuts and crackers to snack on, on the ride home. Everyone on the bus was lively and friendly and pre-gamed with local beers back and forth to the festival. On the way home, prizes were raffled off including pint glasses from Po’Boy Brewery, gift certificates to beer distributors, and more.

Just like last year, Spider Bite Beer Co. did not come home empty-handed. They won a silver medal in the Old/Strong Ale category for their collaboration with Destination Unknown, for their Ryeno Aged Barleywine. This barley wine packs a punch at 12% abv and is aged in Long Island rye whiskey barrels.

Great South Bay brought home two medals from Tap. They won a bronze in the Light Lager category for their GSB Pilsner and a gold medal in the New England IPA category for their Nauti Girl IPA, bursting with juicy hopped flavor.

Port Jeff Brewing won a silver medal in the Belgian Ales category for their Triple H Strong Ale. Even their men’s league hockey team came down to show their support.

Oyster Bay Brewing poured Thar She Gose, a pineapple gose brewed with salt and coriander. This beer is light, fresh and fruity and only has a 5% abv.

1940’s Brewing Company from Holbrook, NY was named one the fastest growing breweries in the US. Try the Bohemia Blonde with apricot, it’s easy to drink with a 5.8% abv, making it the perfect summer beer.

The Brewers Collective made their 2018 Tap debut pouring Loot, The Duke, Scull it and Kriegerweisse.

Northport granted Sand City Brewing Co. the ability to reopen their tap room. They poured two of their newest IPA’s at Tap: Washed Up IPA and Diamond in the Rough.

Montauk is not just popular destination during the summer on Long Island, it’s also an incredible brewery. Montauk Brewing Company’s Watermelon IPA, is a light and refreshing summer staple you’ll want to stock up on.

Did you know that Blue Point Brewery’s first keg was tapped in a parking lot? It’s hard to believe that Blue Point in now the 34th largest craft brewery in the US.  The new Blue Point Brewery facility is even being quoted as “Disneyland for adults.”

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Countdown to the Holidays with Christmas Craft Beers

Christmas Craft Beers

Mrs. Claus is always experimenting with new recipes in her kitchen at the North Pole. Long Island breweries are no different; they brew innovative beers using a variety of ingredients in their Christmas craft beers. This holiday season, breweries are showcasing seasonal ingredients including maple, cranberries, butternut squash, oranges and candy canes. They are also brewing up heavy, dark, complex, winter seasonals. If you’re counting down to Christmas with a craft beer advent calendar, be sure to stock up on these holiday favorites.

Lithology Brewing-Farmingdale, NY

Watermill Holiday Ale-8.25% abv

Looking for a seasonal beer that isn’t too heavy? Try the Watermill Holiday Ale made with butternut squash. The winter squash gives this beer a sweet yet nutty flavor. This ale is 8.25% abv, but the squash flavor keeps it light and smooth.

Maple Cinnamon Amber Ale- 5.1% abv

This ale has a beautiful amber hue and the aromas of maple and cinnamon smell like fresh baked cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. This ale isn’t over sweet or spiced, making it easy to drink. The Maple Cinnamon Amber Ale has all the flavors you would want in a fall cider, but inside a well-crafted beer.

Spiced Rock Hammer Vanilla Porter- 6% abv

This porter is vanilla, spice and everything nice. This beer contains real vanilla beans, chocolate, coffee and of course a little seasonal spice. The roasted malt flavor is sure to warm your soul on a cold winter day without the heaviness of a stout.


Spider Bite Beer Co. – Holbrook, NY

Cran It In Your Mouth-6% abv

Cranberries are holiday staple. Did you know that cranberries are considered a Native American superfood? This cranberry ale perfectly balances sweet and tart. You’ll be thankful for this beer this holiday season.

Boris Jr. – 11.5% abv

If you love Boris the Spider Russian Imperial Stout, you will love this specialty imperial stout, Boris Jr. Enjoy aromas of chocolate, coffee and a variety of malts as you sip this strong specialty stout.

Overbite- 11% abv

Overbite is a black double IPA. This beer was brewed to be strong and keep you warm on cold winter nights. Overbite has a toasty malt flavor that is slightly bitter but satisfying. Watch out Stone and Odell Brewing, Spider Bite’s black double IPA is top-notch.


1940s Brewing Company-Holbrook, NY

 Appley Ever After (Gluten-Reduced Seasonal) – 6% abv

1940s Brewing Company has a gluten reduced option on tap, made by a Celiac for Celiacs. Gluten-free brewer, Michelle Pagano, uses apple juice with a hint of honey. An enzyme called Clarity Ferm, reduces gluten down to a level acceptable for celiacs. Whether you are gluten-free or not, Appley Ever After is definitely worth trying.

Orange Whip (Imperial Oatmeal Stout)-8.5% abv

Oatmeal gives this beer a smooth and nutty flavor while the orange peels and vanilla beans give it a creamsicle like feel. This beer is dark and creamy with a full-bodied roasted flavor. This imperial stout is strong and sure to provide winter warmth.


Po’Boy Brewery– Port Jefferson Station, NY

Candy Cane Cider

You don’t have to travel all the way to North Pole for festive ciders from Po’ Boy Brewery. Candy Cane Cider has a sweet peppermint twist, reminiscent of the Christmas confectionery treat. This cider will leave a slight tingle on your lips and a minty fresh aftertaste.

Gingerbread Cookie Cider

Taste, taste fast as you can, this cider tastes just like a Gingerbread Man! The Gingerbread Cookie Cider has notes of ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Enjoy the seasonal spice of this Christmas cookie inspired favorite.

Spice Fig Beer

Forget the figgy pudding; this Spice Fig Beer embodies the flavors of the iconic English dessert. The Spice Fig Beer has notes of dried fruits, nutmeg, cinnamon and molasses. This beer will have you singing, we all want some figgy beer!

Po’ Boy Brewing is adding new ciders and beers to their lineup every two weeks, go and try them before they tap out.


Great South Bay Brewing– Bay Shore, NY

Sleigh Ryed-6.6% abv

Great South Bay’s red rye winter ale, is worth traveling over the hills of snow for. It has piney notes of juniper berries, sweet malts and a hint of spice from the rye. Be sure to have presents under the tree and Sleigh Ryed in the fridge this holiday season.


Brewers Collective-Bay Shore

Long May She Reign-10% abv

The Brewers Collective is known for brewing a variety of constantly changing beers. Their winter seasonal is named after the thrilling fantasy, Long May She Reign. This imperial stout has notes of chocolate and coffee and reigns strong at 10% abv.